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Counterfeit Bugs

Posted on June 22, 2010 at 11:23 AM

I noticed that the underground tunnel on Counterfeit Island has a whole bunch of bugs and mess-ups in it. Here are some of them:

Going Inside the Stone

You can walk through stone! This is a fun little bug I discovered that you might enjoy. To do it, you will need to have completed the island first.




1. As soon as you get off the blimp on Counterfeit Island, go right until you get downtown.


2. See the mimes? Go into the clown store in between them.


3. There should be an assortment of balloons floating inside. Click on the color you like to select it.


4. As soon as you have a balloon, exit the store. Go right until you get to the underground tunnel. Enter it.


5. You have to go through the tunnel until you come to this spot:

6. Now comes the tricky part.


You should probably back up a few steps. Now, take a running leap so when you start to come down you will descend right before where the hill flattens out again, on the double stone, like this:



Then, you should just kind of glide right through until you're in the stone. It looks like this:

If you can't seem to get in, don't worry. It takes even me ten tries to get in. Don't give up.

By the way, at one point I was even able to get the tour guide in with me! Not sure how though... What? You don't believe me? Fine, here's proof:

Up, Up, and Away!

So here's another one. Right in the same spot, (still with that good ole' balloon) climb up onto one of the chains hanging there. Just sit at the bottom of it for a minute, and as you watch, your balloon will start going upwards without you. Now, when you're done watching that happen, point your mouse left of you person until it turns blue. then click and hold to make your person jump off sideways. Watch your character go flying up to hit the ceiling! Pretty painful-looking, eh?

That's the only bugs I've got for today, and if you have any more, you can send them to me in Contact Us. Happy Playing!

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